About Me

As of summer of 2020, I'm a 74 year old Vietnam veteran and a resident of Bath Township, Ohio.  And I love to cycle!  Due to several surgeries and very bad knees and a funky left foot,
I ride a Catrike Dumont recumbent trike equipped with an electric pedal-assist motor.

You may know that each year, in addition to riding the one day, ADA TourdeCure ride,

I do one or more longer, more challenging rides to raise additional funds to STOP Diabetes.


You may recall my adventurous, 2015 ride, Greg's Long Ride Home.

That was 1400 miles from Ohio to Key West, FL. 

Or my Pedal the Finger Lakes to Lend a Hand ride

with H.S. buddy Jim Klinger in 2016.

Or in 2017, my way cool Mountain Mama Vagabike Adventure.

Or my two rides with cycling partner Tom Bilcze in 2018:

The 3-day Ohio to Erie Trail ride and the 5-day Pedaling the Archipelego ride,

visiting my home town of Key West once again.

But my ride for 2019 was truly epic.

Read about it HERE >>>



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